Start the RCP system on any Android or iOS device

Alerts of presence

Information about lateness and absences are automatically captured and sent by e-mail or SMS to the indicated persons.

Data within reach

WorkGuard offers access to reports in any place with Internet access. Data can be tracked in real time on any device.

Easy and cheap implementation

WorkGuard needs only a simple phone or tablet and access to electricity. The whole system can be mounted and run in your company in just 15 minutes; some can even do it in 3 minutes.

Registration of working time also without access to the Internet

WorkGuard needs access to the Internet only for data transfer, so it can work offline and occasionally connect to the Network.

Providing work status

The employee does not have to manually choose the type of event. The application will indicate the right type of start/finish.

Photo-registration and Geolocation

Each entry/exit event is provided with accurate information on the location (geolocation), time and employee identity (photo as confirmation).

Many possibilities of employee identification

For PIN authentication your employees can use, phone number, QR code, NFC card or key fob, choose the method best suited to your company

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Zgłoś swoje uwagi dotyczące funkcji WorkGuard

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Time is money!
Nie czekaj aż problemy rozwiążą się same.

Nie kupuj kota w worku. Przetestuj system WorkGuard już dziś przez 14 dni całkowicie za darmo. Zyskasz dostęp do wszystkich funkcjonalności systemu a kontrola czasu pracy zmieni swoje oblicze w proste, intuicyjne i automatyczne!.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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